Not to be missed: Cirque du Soleil!

Cirque du Soleil at Zaragoza Expo

John and I first saw Cirque du Soleil when we visited the Expo in Zaragoza, where we saw many of their acrobats and jugglers taking part in a procession.  When we discovered they were due to perform in Alicante, we asked our friends John and Lesley if they were interested in seeing them too, and luckily they immediately agreed!  Even if we hadn’t been chauffered there and had travelled on three buses from Jumilla, we would have said it was worth going, as it was an incredible show.

La Gran Carpa – Cirque du Soleil, Alicante

 When we arrived at the entrance, a nice young man from Barcelona told us that our seats weren’t that good (we are all pensioners, so we had bought the cheapest tickets available!) and showed us to the front row.  Yes, he gave us the best seats in the house – result!

No superlatives are good enough to describe the amazing, fantastic, brilliant, best show ever that we witnessed.  The first hour went by incredibly quickly as the artistes spun, juggled, flew through the air and amazed us with their skills and daring.   It was colourful, spectacular and they even had live music, which enhanced the whole experience. 

Even the stage curtains were spectacular

There was comedy as well as drama: John had a hat full of popcorn emptied over him, before the hat was plonked on his head.  The other John, Lesley and I thought it was very funny!  Unfortunately I didn’t have my camera ready to hand to capture the sight, as we had been told not to use cameras during the show for safety reasons.  This was quite understandable when you saw the split-second timing as two catchers threw two trapeze artists through the air simultaneously and then caught the one flying towards them.

The organisation was superb: the show began on time (virtually unknown in our part of Spain!), with a half hour interval after the first hour of the show, followed by another hour’s entertainment.  Lesley and I browsed round the stalls, however we couldn’t justify buying anything as most articles on sale were fairly expensive, though of good quality.  There was air conditioning too, so don’t go in shorts: our friend John said his knees were cold!

Drinks cost over 4€, however we had brought bottles of water with us, and we had also enjoyed a cool copa de vino latino beforehand, so we didn’t bother.  Our tickets had cost us 26.50€ (discounted on the Cirque du Soleil website) which we thought was amazing value for money, especially when we were shown to the prime seats!

All I can say is that if you get the opportunity to see Cirque du Soleil, do so.  If you become a member of the Cirque Club they will send you details of any offers: sign up on the Cirque du Soleil website.

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  1. Nancy’s avatar

    Hi there Sue! Thanks for visiting one of my archive posts and I’m, sorry bout the comment link in my blogroll page. It was something I totally forgot to set and thanks to you for noticing it. It is now fixed just in case you’re still up to adding your page there.

    I so envy you for being where you are right now. Spain is a dream place of mine. I’m gonna add you back to see more of your magnificent Spain. ;)

  2. Sue Walker’s avatar

    Thanks, Nancy. Spain is such a beautiful country and the Spanish people are so friendly and welcoming, at least where we live. We know how lucky we are, and I enjoy sharing our experiences with everybody. If you manage to visit Spain, do let me know!

  3. Nancy’s avatar

    Hello again! I’m back here to let you know your link has been added to my blogroll. :)

    I should know some Spanish traits. My country, Philippines was once colonized by your country and I love how Filipinos are just as well. We’ve inherited so much of Spanish ways and culture. :)

  4. Sue Walker’s avatar

    Spain is my adopted country: I was born in the UK though we probably colonised just as many countries! Thanks, I will add your link too.

  5. Anne Banks’s avatar

    Hi Sue,
    The article on the Cirque du Soleil inspired to book on line for the show. Did you book on line or go to the booking office because web site only accepts American Express and not any Spanish Bank cards?

  6. Sue Walker’s avatar

    Hi Anne

    That is very interesting, because I tried with my Spanish Visa card initially and seemed to be having a problem, so just used my UK Visa card. The point is that both cards are debit cards, not credit cards, though I have far more money in my Spanish account! I intend going into the bank when I have time to speak to them about it, as it seems a bit bizarre to me. If you go to the booking office you might get a cheaper price anyway. If you manage to go, let me know what you think of the show,

  7. Nancy’s avatar

    Thanks for the share!