More Money-saving Top Tips

Match Point DVD: the latest offer from La Verdad newspaper
1.  Spanish newspapers often have reader offers similar to UK papers.  We have bought DVDs for 0.50 or 1 € with our Sunday paper and if the original language is English (which is usually the case) you can watch the DVD in English.  We have also bought crockery and jewellery using coupons from the paper.

2.  Many towns and cities in Spain now provide free WIFI in public areas, plus certain bars also advertise free WIFI, so if you take your laptop to Spain you shouldn´t have too many problems accessing the internet.  Check the website of the local Ayuntamiento as well as looking out for bars in the area advertising free WIFI.  In Jumilla there is a public Internet Aula where you can either use your laptop for WIFI access or use their PCS for free by handing over your residencia card or passport.

3.  In Murcia there are “Todo a Dos” shops, which have become a favourite haunt of mine, as you can buy jewellery and accessories there for only 2 €.  John´s niece Fiona became a fan too after shopping there on a recent stay with us in Jumilla!

4.  Local libraries usually have a few books in English and it is free to register with them.  Also look out for English language book exchanges: we have started one here in Jumilla on the first Tuesday of the month.  Contact me for the latest book list.

5.  Many bars are responding to what is called the “crisis” here in Spain by offering special deals such as a tapa y caña or vino y tapa for 1.80 € .  I am happy to recommend a few places in Jumilla!  We have registered with Hostemur in Murcia so they email us with their latest offers when they hold a Ruta del Taps, plus we check in the La Verdad paper(region of Murcia edition) for similar deals.

“Vino y Queso, mejor que un beso”

Montesinos are one of the sponsors of "Vino y Queso, mejor que un beso"!

From now until 14 March, 10 establishments in Jumilla are offering 1 Tapa (which must include cheese) and 1 Vino for 2 € – and you also get a free scratchcard with your purchase.  To date, we have won 2 lots of cheese, 1 large sausage, 2 miniatures of sherry and 2 miniatures of vodka, so we´re not complaining!

As well as this, if you visit all 10 establishments and vote for your favourite tapa, your card will be entered in a prize draw. 

Restaurante San Agustin wins our vote, with 3 excellent tapas, however we also recommend: in 2nd place, Restaurante Reyes Católicos; in 3rd place, Cervecería Nuestro Bar; and in joint 4th place, Bar La Casa &  Bar Bocatería QT APTC.  You may also want to try Casa Canales, which gives you all 3 of their tapas plus a small measure of wine for 2€ and, until 14th March, you can buy three bottles of wine from Bodegas Carchelo (one of the sponsors) for the price of two.  Enjoy!

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    What a joy to find someone else who thinks this way.