Sue Walker was born in Newcastle upon Tyne and spent her childhood in Canada, Norfolk and Lincolnshire. She joined the WRNS when she left school to travel, serving in Northern Ireland and Gibraltar (where she first visited Spain).  Sue took up running after marrying for the first time and having a family, because she decided it was a cheap and easy sport for a busy mother of three.  After working in IT and Personnel, Sue trained and worked part-time as a complementary therapist, before starting a new career as a writer.

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  1. carolyn’s avatar

    Hi there I find what you are telling us about Jumilla and surrounds so very interesting that we are just about to make an offer on a house in the countryside around there. We have never been there but the house is beautiful (so the pictures say) Do you know anything about the area It is called Paraje Torre Del Rico. I would be so grateful for anything you could tell me
    Kindest regards
    PS Keep up the excellent blogs !!

  2. Sue Walker’s avatar

    Hi Carolyn

    Thank you your kind words. I have your email address so will send you a private email. We love living here, and have friends who live in and around Torre Del Rico, however I would be wary about buying a house that you haven’t seen apart from in pictures. I would book a cheap flight and look at it first before parting with money, unless of course you don’t have any financial restraints!

    Kind regards.


  3. carolyn’s avatar

    One more question please I am a Reiki healer and a spirit medium doing psychic development classesI need to be connected to the internet Is it possible in the country there
    Thank you very much